Styles of Beyond "Reseda Beach" album out soon.

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 STYLES OF BEYOND finally are able to release....

Reseda Beach slated to drop October 23 via Dirty Version Records.

1. "Here We Go" (Produced by Scoop Deville)
2. "Hard" (Produced by J. Dilla)
3. "Sugar Honey Iced Tea" (Produced by Vin Skully & Cheapshot)
4. "Take That" -- ft. Celph Titled (Produced by Aqua)
5. "Call My Name" (Produced by Apathy)
6. "Bumble Bee (Skit)" (Starring Alex 2Tone)
7. "The Pirate Song" (Produced by Vin Skully & Co-Produced by Apathy)
8. "Damn" (Produced by Vin Skully & Cheapshot)
9. "Dumb It Down" (Produced by Apathy & Co-Produced by Mike Shinoda)
10. "Howdy Doody" (Produced by Cheapshot & Vin Skully)
11. "Live from Ibiza (Skit)" (Starring Alex 2Tone)
12. "You Love Us" -- ft. Somaya Reece (Produced by Vin Skully)
13. "Shut Everything Down" -- ft. Celph Titled (Produced by Vin Skully & by Apathy)
14. "Dunky Fividends" -- ft. Apathy (Produced by Vin Skully)
15. "Second To None" -- ft. Mike Shinoda (Produced by Mike Shinoda)
16. "The Valley (Outro)" (Starring Alex 2Tone)